Harkness Litter Service

Hauling, Grinding, and Chicken House Cleanout Services

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We have several large grinders and can come to your location. Call us about our services
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Chicken houses demand regular cleaning and maintenance. We specialize in chicken house cleanout and with the use of 18-wheelers, bobcats, and conveyors belts we come to your location and remove the litter in a timely and safe manner.
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We haul chicken litter, shaving, crushed concrete, rock , and ground asphalt. We also have mulch and mushroom compost for your gardens and flowerbeds.
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Who We Are

Brian and Becky Harkness are Harkness Litter Service . We are located about 1/2 way between the small East Texas towns of Timpson and Center. We will buy your litter and or trade for shavings/sawdust. We have been in the business since 1998. We take pride in our customers and appreciate their continued support of our business. Thank You !!

Contact We have MOVED to a NEW LOCATION in Timpson, Texas Hwy 87 N in the Huber Community!!

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